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TREN 1F90 - Management & Marketing Part 1 (Jan 10th)

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Tourism Management
David Fennell

Lecture Jan10 VII ManagementMarketing ManagementEntrepreneurshipMarketingTourims is a people industry tourists providers etc the product is entirely dependent upon people for its delivery ManagementDefined the process of coordinating work activities so that an organizations objectives are achieved efficiently with and through people Management includes1 PLANNINGidentifying goals and resources to carry out tasks and completion dates staff planning promotions planning 2 ORGANIZING RESOURCESto achieve the goals in optimum fashion Examples are organizing new departments human resources etc3 LEADING setting direction for the organization groups and individuals to influence people to follow directions Examples are establishing strategic direction vision values mission andor goals 3 Leadership Styles AUTOCRATICthe big stick methodseldom consider opinions of groupsinglehanded decisionsemployees lose ability to make decisions themselvesdependentsubmissivewhen is it required Emergency situations out of control children DEMOCRATIC shared leadershipworking with for or in the group without losing controlencourages fun but can control when necessaryencourages all members to share viewsstays in background helping when neededLAISSEZFAIRE opposite of autocratic no authority at allharmony achieved through freedom
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