TREN Lecture - FILM

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27 Mar 2012
Lecture # March.13
TREN The Environmental Tourist (film)
Ecology and Tourism can be combined
way back when, the government put aside of parcels of land which our now our
provincial parks
people started to consume the resources, but conflicts occurred
the railroads and park preservations worked together
people began to travel to the parks
the government believed parks were economically smart to protect
soon found that what is good for tourism, is not always good for the parks
large boom in tourism esp. elephants
still increasing, even though many impacts are seen
a lot of education needs to be done for the tourists and guides
Cheetahs are the most impacted
- they haunt in the day so tourists get to see the catch
- puts more pressure on them as well as makes them less successful (not sly)
boats full of snorkelers come to see the coral reefs, but do not step on the island that
own the reefs
step on them, touch them, and damage them
dollars from ecotourism work if used and planned correctly
but when tourism traffic gets heavy, no one has found an answer to control and
we are seeing the raise of private parks over public parks, and they seem so far not to
see the issues that we see in public parks
ecotourism should be an attitude and an ethic
ecotourism often occurs near small communities these communities love it because
of the economic gain ……. But then issues of commodification of culture issues arise
who is more important? Livelihoods of People living near these areas or
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