TREN Lecture - Guest Lecture on Antarctica

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Lecture # March.27, 2012
GUEST LECTURE Antarctica Quest Tours
Quest Nature Tour Ships
won a $16,000 trip to Antarctica, on the trip started working, and then
continued to work for them, and go on numerous ships
plans or organizes crew, supplies, roles, and drives the explorer dingy boats
tourists and workers create a large carbon footprint to get to South or North Pole
2 and half days by ship
no airports or hotels
the reason why it is Ecotourism very isolated
tourism has helped the environment
auctions on the ships raise money to develop and make hooks that go deeper in
the water so albatross are not effected. The fishers can then purchase them for ¼
of the price
the tourism ship allows scientists to come on their ship and set up experiments/
cameras etc. (for examples the Salisbury Plain Time Lapse Penguins)
therefore, the scientists do not have to get their own ship / own
transportation, saving the environment, as less as saving money that can
be put towards research more directly
according to Antarctic Treaty, no one owns the Antarctic, so there is not docks, peers,
shops, hotels, attractions ……. It is changing but no permanent buildings
with oil and resources, things will eventually have to change
maybe not in our life time, but certainly close to it!
Tourists range from young adults to retirees
very costly (approx. $10,000 to go)
tourists use to explore the whole trip, now tourists tend to want to relax and
drink at the same time (same old views)
many repeat customers, or customers stay for extended periods of time
Workers are very strict with preserving the environment in regards to tourists
shoes, backpacks, and clothes are closely inspected to prevent introduction of
new species
5meter rule for contact with animals
very strict about disruption of noise and actions
educate tourists about their reasoning for their rules
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