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TREN - Section 10 notes

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Brock University
Tourism Management
David Fennell

March 20 2012 Section 10The Ethical ImperativeTourism ethicsCase Sex TourismResponsible tourismCase Slum tourismTourism is the ultimate act of freedomWhy would we act differently at a tourist destination than we would at home o We dont have to take care of everything we would at homeyoud be taking a break from your regular lifeThe ability to transcend ones normal everyday lifeTemporally and spatiallyBehaviourally In the pursuit of hedonistic endsValue for money relaxation not having to take responsibility for something or someoneMaximizing tourism means that youll be going to have as much fun as you possibly can maybe at he extent of someone elseWe dont want to take responsibility for someone elseA good vacation is that which satisfies these hedonistic endsBut tourism often suspends moralitytakes us away from our moral cloakEmphasizes the value of one over the value of othersA byproduct of this is innumerable costs externalities impactsThe costs are difficult to mitigateEconomic theory tells us that incentives to ignore externalities are quite strongIts rational to impose costs on third partiesIf this contributes to the satisfaction of our own selfinterestTourism is really no different as an expression of human natureif as we are led to believe tourism is the worlds largest industry then we should remember its a worl driven largely by avarice greed selfinterest we need therefore to look first at ourselves and then at society when we address tourism o we should be looking at ourselves first and how we ourselves actWe are out for ourselves It is a question of what is best for me and if someoneelse pays the cost then too bad as long as I get the benefits isnt this Darwins survival of the fittest But have we really looked at ourselves in trying to understand tourist motivesTo do so necessitates going deeper into the realm of human nature who were are at the very core
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