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Tourism Management

TREN 2P26- Nature-Based Tourism: Jan 20/14 Sustainable Tourism 1. Develop understanding and awareness of the significant contributions that tourism can make on the environment 2. Promote equity and development 3. Improve quality of life for the host community 4. Provide a quality experience for the visitor 5. Maintain the quality of environment on which the foregoing objectives depend Sustainable Tourism • All aspects of Attractions& Facilities, Transportation, Accommodation, Tourism product/behaviour within the tourism must follow the 5 principles of sustainable tourism Canadian ‘Ecotours’ of the 1970s • Centered around transcanada highway • Showcased different ecozones and appreciating the human-land-relationship • No focus on low impact/sustainability/community development/morals or ethics Ecotourism: • Who coined the term? -Cebellos-Laxcurain (1987,1984, 1983?) • Hetzer: Pillars for responsible tourism 1. Minimum environmental impact 2. Minimum impact on- and maximum respect for- host cultures 3. Maximum economic benefits to host country ‘grassroots’ 4. Maximum ‘re-creational’ satisfaction to tourists Ecotourism Definition - International Ecotourism Society • “Responsible travel that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people” Nature Based Tourism Definition- South Carolina Nature based Tourism Association • “Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people” Nature Tourism- Goodwin “Encompasses all forms of tourism-mass tourism, adventure tourism, low-impact tourism, ecotourism – which uses natural resources in a wild or undeveloped form- including species, habitat, landscape, scenery, salt and fresh-water features. Nature tourism is travel for the purpose of enjoying undeveloped natural areas or wildlife. (Goodwin, 1996) Eco Tourism- Goodwin “Low impact Nature Tourism which contributes to the maintenance of species and habitats either directly through a contribution to conservation and/or indirectly by providing revenue to the local community sufficient for local people to value and therefor protect their wildlife heritage area as a source of income (Goodwin, 1996) Value-laden Terms: • E.g. responsible, alternative, ethical tourism • Ecotourism (in theory) attempts to be all of the above • Overall comprehensiveness makes it difficult to attain and easily manipulated • Consider Saskatchewan which is developing ecotourism accreditation • Committee made up of operators, natural resources people, economic development people, local people aboriginals and so on • Some standards are as follows: - fishing/hunting requires a licence -“Responsbile travel to areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people” Can fishing be ecotourism? • Yes: Fishing can be responsible (limits or catch and release), conserve the environment and can improve welfare of locals (use a local as a guide) • No: Fishing causes distress to nature • In Saskatchewan, catching or killing fish for consumption is ecotourism (h Middle of the Road Definitions: • Leave much to interpretation of the individual or agency • Ignore central tenets like sustainability, ethics, education, low impact, management • These are hallmark principles of ecotourism Ecotourism Definition Principles (and number of times mentioned out of 15 definitions) • Interest in nature--------------------------------10 • Contributes to conservations-----------------10 • Reliance on parks and protected areas-----9 • Benefits local people/long-term benfit-----8 • Education and study-----------------------------7 • Low impact/ non consumptive----------------5 • Ethics/responsibility -----------------------------4 • Management---------------------------------------4 • Sustainable -----------------------------------------4 • Enjoyment/appreciation-------------------------3 • Culture------------------------
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