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Lecture 6

VISA 1Q98 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Tempera, Walter Benjamin, Technological Determinism

Visual Arts
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Keri Croni

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Module 6: Visual Technologies, Image Production, and the Copy
Visual Technologies
Technology always been a part of making images
-Technology and scientific innovation has created different ways in representing art
-Ex. egg tempera the traditional used created muted colours, while oil painting resulted in
vibrant colours
-Modern digital and computer technologies has made images,paintings and photographs has
brough them to wider audiences, and can reproduce them an an array of ways and sizes
The Argument Against Technological Determinism
-Technological determinism—belief that technology determines the direction a society takes
-Cartright and Sturken say that “technology itself does not determine social change, but are a
result of changes worldview
-Ex, photography
Motion and Sequence
-19th century focused a lot on motion
-Technological apparatus like the Zoetrope, created a sense of movement
-They appear as “motion pictures” by giving a sequence of images that were rapidly rotated
Image Reproduction: The Copy and The Aura
-Technologies for reproducing images has been around for a long time
-But modern technologies has made them cheaper and faster
-What makes an image ‘original”
-Walter Benjamin referred to this as the “aura” of an artwork
-Value of an image is higher when it an original
-But what about photography?Is the negative the original?
Key Words
-technology, technological determinism, egg tempera paint, oil paint, Zoetrope, the aura, Walter
Benjamin, copyright, authenticity, original
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