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VISA 1Q99 Lecture Notes - Reims Cathedral, Durham Cathedral, Gislebertus

Visual Arts
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Kristin Patterson

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Romanesque: Roman “look”.
-something new and original
-solid walls, beral vault
-examples found across Europe
-built on recognizable forms
-modules, focused on principals
-major cultural factor
-larger space to accommodate
-important destination
-body of st. james lies here
View of Interior, Durham Cathedral, England, c. 1087-1133:
-support weight
-activeness in Romanesque structural system
-gothic style
-grew into a fortified complex with a castle, cathedral, monetary, and village
-interior decoration (shevrons and diamond patterns)
-secular and religious power
Gislebertus, The Last Judgement, west portal, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, c. 1120-1130:
-portal sculpture
-”jambs” supporting posts above door
-”archivolts”: molding or blocks
-”trumeau”: central supporting post
-message sent when you first walk in
-depicts the last judgement
-Christ depiction, strange placement
-to left, redeemed ascending to heaven, grabbing angels wings
-latin inscription
-rising figures from tomb
-elegant suface design, st. peter guards gateway to heaven
-message to pilgrims: “you will be saved, redeemed”
-on right, purgatory, archangel to be redeemed; walking up from graves
-depiction of fate, glory or punishment
The Magi Asleep, capitol from choir, Cathedral of St. Lazare, c. 1125:
-two capitals
-decorative forms, lively narrative
Chortres Cathedral, 1145-1220:
-pointed, rather than rounded
-openness in space
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-flying buttresses, lightness or flight, vertical illusion
-deep, rich colors
-4 point elevation, enlargement of panes of glass
-emphasis on the linear
-not massive
Carpenter’s Guild Signature Window, early 13th Century:
-important location
-competency of French stain glassed artists
Scenes from Genesis in the Good Samaritan Window, nave aisle, Chartres, c. 1200-
-helps someone in need
-more lifelikeness (humans in a dance-like pose)
Rose Window, north transept, c. 1230-5:
-always in groups of 3 or 12
-in centre, Mary with Christ set on lap
-joins old and new testaments
-draws on symbolism, king as patron
-3 stories of elevation: more light flowing through
-put together with limited technology
-view of clear story and vault
-built on elevated site
-late Romanesque and new Gothic
-new elements added over time
-3 sections, portal
-elements traded through styles
-3 arches (similar to Constantine)
-biblical passage/reference
-lintel element, surface pattern
-winged drapery, Christ is frontal
Jamb Statues from Royal Portal, (right side of central portal), Chartres, c. 1145:
-associated with Byzantine and Romanesque art
-facial expression
-increased naturalism
Reims Cathedral, west facade, 1230’s-60, towards mid 15th century:
-natural representation
-less stylized elements
-3 portals instead of one
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