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Lecture 2

WGST 1F90 Lecture 2: 8 Quotes

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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

Kiki Freyre-Pons WGST1F90 th 1. September 12 , 2016 Hobbs&Rice. (2013) Introduction: “Mapping the Terrain of Gender and Women’s Studies in Canada.” In M. Hobbs and C. Rice, Gender and Women’s Studies in Canada: A Critical Terrain. (pp.xvii). Toronto: Women’s Press “As you begin this journey, you should know that women’s and gender studies is not one thing” (Hobbs&Rice, 2013, p.xvii) • Various interpretations and practices differ according to one’s comprehension of women’s oppression. There are strong beliefs that men and women’s social orders in a community are formed by social factors rather than biological factors. Feminists aim to dispel discourses like this one. Consequently, many negative stereotypes and assumptions have been pinned against those labelled as feminists. Two predominant stereotypes in today’s society involve questioning men’s relevance in feminism, and a great deal of individuals believe that those who label themselves as a feminist often stand, support and share the same ethics and morals. Given that the definition of feminism has significantly evolved over the years it has successfully enabled feminist’s analysis to develop. These specific movements have created new understandings on women’s oppression. The quote was significant to me because it is true in stating that women and gender’s studies focuses not only on one aspect of women and genders but multiple lenses are focused on such as Liberal Feminism, Radical Feminism, Socialist Feminism and Postmodern and Post structural theories. Kiki Freyre-Pons WGST1F90 2. September 19 , 2016 Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) “Activist Insight: supplement 4.” In M. Hobbs and C. Rice, Gender and Women’s Studies in Canada: A Critical Terrain. (pp.45-47). Toronto: Women’s Press “Sojourner Truth’s 1851 speech at the Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, very well challenges imperatives of subordination and thereby creates new visions.” (Truth, 2013, p. 45-47) • The quote was of importance because it discussed how feminism over time has had many challenges and changes. Feminism wants individuals to keep an open mind and see the world through a more inclusive lens. Therefore, by keeping an open mind one is able to learn, grow and move forward and enforce positive changes in society. If people continue to reinforce these stereotypes such as men not being feminists and the belief that all feminists believe in the same thing, the world will continue to be an exclusive place. Challenging the imperatives and subordination is what allowed women and gender studies to progress and make change and movements. In the text it stated that Sojourner was involved with slavery and promoted change not only for slavery in general but for women’s rights as well. Without pushing the norms and straying from them there would be no change. Women and gender’s fighting for their rights has enabled not only a better vision for women but for all genders. Kiki Freyre-Pons WGST1F90 th 3. September 26 , 2016 Valenti, J. (2013) Chapter 1: “You’re a Hardcore Feminist. I Swear.” In M. Hobbs and C. Rice, Gender and Women’s Studies in Canada: A Critical Terrain. (pp.2-8). Toronto: Women’s Press “The worst thing you can call a girl is a girl, the worst thing you can call a guy is a girl. Being a woman is a total insult.” (Valenti, 2013, p.2-8) • There are many negative connotation and stereotypes attached to women. This quote was of great significance because it is still predominant in today’s society and seen everywhere. When an individual is being called a girl they are implying that that individual is weak, fragile and delicate. There are constant negative stereotypes attached to girls. The quote states it is an insult to be a girl and this is true; men use the term being a girl to insult others. The fact that being called a girl is considered an insult is improper. Women do many things that men simply cannot do; but because we live in a male dominant society it is seen as okay. Negative stereotypes surrounding feminism lead to a lot of false assumptions. This misunderstanding of feminism reflects the influence the mass media has on us today. The quote is representing the negative stigma that females have when it comes to the ability of being just as good as men. If you get called a girl then typically you’d be slow, weak, and scared. Hence why males take it as an insult. It happens so much that even a girl being called a girl has become offensive because that’s the way they have been raised and taught to act. It is a constant battle to bring confidence to girls around the world and feminism aims to dispel these negative connotations and promote the strength and abilities of women. 4. October 3 , 2016 Calixte, S.L. and J.J Johnson “Liberal, Social and Radical Feminism: An Introduction to Three Theories about Women’s Oppression and Social Change” in Feminist Issues: Race, Class and Sexuality, edited by Nancy Mandell, pp. 1-31. 2009 Pearson Education Canada. “Radical feminist activities formed the spreading feminism internationally. Building alliances around concrete concerns, such as violence and porn.” (Calixte, 2009, p.1-31) • Radical feminist beliefs are based on the idea that the main cause of women's oppression originates from social roles and institutional structures being constructed from male supremacy and patriarchy; it was a branch that formed during the second wave. Liberal feminism has allowed access to education for women, voting rights and property ownership. Contrastingly, radical feminism focuses on individual differences and the freedom of choice and sexual oppression. These focuses are formed by essentialist, dichotomous and sexist views. They aim to promote awareness for topics such as rape and violence shelters, support cheaper childcare and anti-porn laws. This viewpoint explores the domination of men and the subordination of women. Life for women has
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