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Lecture 4

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Brock University
Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

WGST 1F90 Thursday October 3 2013Lecture Title Doing Gender performing femininity and masculinity Video Key TermsConcepts 1 Gender Identity how you make sense of yourself in your headPage12 Gender Expression ways we present ourselves and what it stands for existing on a scale from masculine to feminine how you present your femininity3 Biological Sex what you are born with4 Explain the idea of gender being a script performed on a stage youre given a role when youre born and you are expected to play the role until youre dead5 Who are the directors 6 Why is our limited version of gender potentially dangerous High suicide ratesattempts Lecture Key TermsBinary dichotomySexSex CategoryGenderDoing genderMicromacro reasonsRepetition of gender Introduction 1Gender is one of the most pervasive organizing factors in our social world 2 Key component of our selfidentity 3 The basis for many of the covert unequal divisions in our world justifies violence wage inequality etc4 Race class sexuality intersect with gender5 Gender is a stratifying and dividing concept the values we assign to different genders is troubling
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