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Women and Paid Labor

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Brock University
Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

Women and Paid Labor Feb 13 2012 Key Terms 1Class2Labor Force Segregation 3Wage Gap 4Explained and Unexplained of the age gap 5 Pay equity and unionization Ponder onHow willdo you balance paid work unpaid work and demands of familypersonal relationshipsIf planning for a domestic relationship what role do you expect your partner to takehaveHow willdo you communicate this division of labour Introduction 1 Women have always worked done a wide variety of paid laborskilled and unskilled laundry teaching nursing midwifery etc2Women have also worked without pay the unpaid work women do in the home is often work which goes unnoticed OR is only noticed when it is NOT done 3 Statistics Canada recently reported Time Use Survey that men are increasingly participating in the unpaid household labor yet women still report feeling more time stressed than their male counterparts 4 In 1964 the practice of wage discrimination became illegal 5 In 1972 minimum wages for women were no longer allowed 6 Be aware of invisible and visible forms of work7 From the 1950s to the 1970s the Canadian economy was buoyant women were pulled into the labor market by expanding opportunities expanding civil service sector 8 This picture lasted about 25 years with a recession in the early 1980s and a second in the 1990s 9 Real incomes have declined and the labor market has become less stable 10 Jobs for men and women are less secure and more jobs are temporary or part time What is EconomicSocial Class 1 From a Marxist position classes are defined and structured by the relations concerning i work and labor andii ownership or possession of property and the means of production
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