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Poverty: Gendered and Raced Phenomenon

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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

272 PovertyA Gendered and Raced Phenomenon February2712 505 PM Key Terms 1 Patriarchal capitalism Socialist feminist term 2 Materiality of Poverty 3 LICO low income cut off 4 Androcentric Androcentrism coming from a male perspective 5 Feminization of Poverty 6 Sexual Division of LabourIntroduction1 Poverty is one of the most significant barriers to womens full equality This affects women local provincially nationally and internationally It is our problem 2 Women experience poverty at higher rates than men do and they also tend to severely suffer the effects of poverty 3 Feminization of poverty is the direct result of structural barriers 4 Patriarchal capitalism has locked women into specific forms of labour work that is less valued materially speaking5 Poverty is not just gendered race status ethnicity age sexuality and ability impact ones chances of living in poverty 6 Education does not always prevent poverty for women Women and Poverty Worldwide 1 According to UNIFEMWomen are more likely than men to be poor and at risk of hunger because of the systematic discrimination they face in education health care employment and control of assets MATERIALITY OF POVERTY2 Poverty implications are widespread for women leaving them without even basic rights such as access to clean drinking water sanitation medical care and decent employment3Being poor can also mean they have little protection from violence and have no role in decision making 4UNIFEM suggests that women represent approximately 70 of the worlds poor 5Women face persistent discrimination when they apply for credit for business or selfemployment and are often concentrated in precarious work
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