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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

Education Sites of Possibility or Places if InequalityMarch 5 2012 Exam Friday April 13 24 WCDVS Writing SuggestionsEliminate words it there arethere were were society o titles of articles texts film names etc in response paper Only authors last name and year of publication o no semi colons o no contractions Dont its cant thats havent etc o repetition of ideas or phrases myself personally I feelo use course terms hierarchy misogyny heteronormativitiy dichotomy ageism hidden curriculum etc o Stop blaming 1 system for oppression or exploitationKey Terms1 Hegemonic norms of education 2 Two curriculums formal and hidden informal3 Chilly climate4 Macro inequities5 Micro inequalities6 HierarchyIntroduction 1 The Canadian education system is supposed to provide an equal and accessible education for all 2 How do issues of race and class intersect with gender in the context of education 3 Cecilia Reynolds Professor of Education at OISE argues there are a number of paradoxes surrounding the role of schools in Canada 1Process of sifting and sorting of students workforce vs higher education2Potential for liberation 4 Educationand schools specifically are powerful sites of cultural production and places where certain behaviors are legitimated5 Schools have been used as places where men and women are sorted and sifted into inequitable and inappropriate areasthrough the courses they take If they are smarter than others they go into more advanced classesacademic as opposed to applied
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