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Violence against women

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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

14052012 1Feminist Movements to End Violence Against WomenAGENDAAnnouncement LECTURE SHORT FILMS DISCUSSIONMidterm quiz2Violence in contextViolence in universityViolence and homelessnessViolence in the familysecrets in plain view how many people have to not talk about it for it to continue3Violence in the familyIncest 15 of girls5 of boys in CanadaSome more vulnerable ie Indigenous girlsGlobal patterns of violence include Infanticide ChinaIndiaFemale genital mutilation Africa Middle EGirls as property monotheistic religionsLAW 1890s but still difficult to enforce4What constitutes sexual violence in Canadian lawA broad range of acts unwanted sexual touching rapesexual violence resulting in physical injury Prevalence of sexual assault14to 13 women sexually assaulted in lifetime5LawMen have to take reasonable steps cannot rely on mistaken beliefHighlights where consent impossible drunk unconscious etcLimits when sexual history is admissible in court Rape shield but these limits not 1 always effective6The Line 2010Nancy Schwartzman byMedia Education Foundation releasedQuestionsNow a days culture raperough sex is everywhere and seems to be openly acceptedImpressions comments surprisesList the conflicting responses to Nancys storyfrom friends activists sex workers mother etcWhat problems are identified with legal systemHow does film illustrate a rape culture 7AcquaintanceDate rapeAcquaintancedate rape survivors are young women aged 1624AD rape has the lowest reporting rate of all forms of sexual assault Only 1 of all AD rapes are reported to the policeNearly 90 of AD women do not consult with any professional after the assault8Contemporary Rape MythsRape consentalcoholIt is okay to use alcohol to have sex as long as they are consciousRape can be accidental When both parties are drunkWomen provoke rapeWomen ask for it based on how they dressact sluts will be rapedWomen athletes invulnerablePhysical strength confidence make them unrapeableMen of certain races and cultures are more prone to rapestranger rapeMyth of the black rapist stranger danger is the most common9Genderrape culture15 men recalled p 165being in a situation in which they became so aroused that they could not stop themselves from having sexual intercourse even though the women didnt want toGendered dating script p 167men are to demand pressure harassjoke while women are to avoid give in blame themselves and feel guilty10Ive never met a straight man who worried about being raped as he contemplated a night of debaucheryRape is caused by a social order that relies on the control of womens sexualitytelling women to choose safety over pleasure doesnt worktells women their pleasure isnt importantShaming women the way they dress or act blames the victim not the offenderQuestion Does blaming the victim serve as self protection for women11Feminist Legal Challenges Jane Doeth5victim of balcony rapiststWas 1victim in Canada to be represented by her own lawyer 1986Was used as bait to catch the rapistSued the police for negligencesexismwonst1time police accountable 1998Police audit ordered by court but still incomplete12As adults who is most vulnerable to ongoing abusepoor womenAboriginal womenWomen who are new comers to canadaDomestic workersDisabled womenQ how does this related readings onResidential schoolsFeminist critiques of multiculturalism13Racialized genderbased violenceHow do converging racialgendered stereotypes intensify vulnerabilityNonwhite women often seen as exotic hypereroticized compliant This hypersexualization works to thingify them they become alluringdisposable14Why dont women leaveIs the decision to stay rationaleFinancial issuesLoveattachment to partnerImpact on childrenIsolation from friends lack of supportsSeparation from cultural communityLack of access to sheltersLack of affordable housing15ConcludingViolence not about sex but powerMens dominance normalized as head of householdmore economicpolitical powermore power in mediareligionMen violent to preserve powerentitlementThey imitate others getting away with it16Broadening our understanding of violenceEconomic violenceIs the worldwide feminization of poverty violenceEnvironmental violenceIs environmental destruction related to gendered and raced violence How17The Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centreprovides services in a safe and comfortable environment for survivors of child sexual abuse incest and adult sexual assaultoffers a 24 hour crisis line emergency services individual and group counseling accompaniment and advocacy through medical and legal proceedings public education programsMandate is to provide unconditional and nonjudgmental support and empowerment to those who have survived any form of sexual violence Crisis Line 905 682 4584
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