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WISE 2P86 2011 Spring Chapter 9

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Brock University
Women's and Gender Studies
Indra Hardeen

Chapter 9 recent employment trends Unemployment includes all individuals not currently working for pay but actively looking for work and persons temporarily laid off from a job to which they expect to returnthe unemployment rate includes four types of unemployment frictional seasonal structural cyclical Frictional unemployment occurs when new entrants and reentrants enter the labour force as well as when workers are between jobs either have quit or lost their last job othere is always going to be this type of unemployment even if the economy is booming aka New mothers switching jobsSeasonal unemployment occurs due to variations in employment over the course of the year such as lack of jobs for construction workers in the winter Structural unemployment occurs when those looking for work do not have the right skills or are not in the right location to fill the vacancies that exist it is likely to be more persistent because those difficulties are not easily or quickly remedied oThis tends to persist even in a booming eco
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