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WISE 2P86 2011 Spring Chapter 11

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Women's and Gender Studies
Indra Hardeen

Chapter 11 Policies affecting paid work and the familyThe first major policy is welfare a government transfer programIt is known as social assistance SA in Canada and is primarily a provincial jurisdiction and provinces differRedesigning welfare SA is made particularly difficult by the fact that three often sought policy goals are in conflictIron triangle of welfare alleviating poverty providing incentives to work and limiting costs by keeping down the number of welfare recipientsEmployment strategies another problem is that employment is often insufficient to lift families out of povertyWhat is needed is a job that pays enough to live in covers work related expenses including childcare transportation etcThe government could simply assist people in finding jobs which is inexpensive but jobs alone are not likely to help many of them escape povertyThe alternative is to provide education and skills that raise the earnings of both welfare recipients and the poormore expensiveTaxes the income tax system helps to finance programs but it means that individuals do not retain all of their labour market earn
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