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ANTH 1001
Danielle Di Novellie- Lang

Anthropology October 15 Note The Midterm Format-short answers (sentence) true/false question 5 t/f 5 short answer Rules-can bring a cheat sheet, can be typed, can be front and back Strategies-read the questions carefully -answer what the question is asking Exam is short-2 hours To understand the point of the readings. Will need to understand the arguments of the authors. No definitions. There will be nothing on the exam only found in lecture Question about Geertz Authors of the readers: Geertz Boas Deloria Malinowski Wolf Guptu and Ferguson Asad Rosaldo The Reading Power-Wolfs Essay Another way we could talk about these essays-structure of power Call to attend that 2 structures of power Deloria There are developments in the world that make his view more audible He is mad that anthropologists are profiting from other people. It is an endless ethical dilemma. An argument for this to be equalized Observations-what is so scandalous about this word. The fundamental thesis of the anthropologist is that people are objects for observation. Why does it follow for him that observation leads to these? Salvage anthropology What are the conditions of observation? It works because these people are in poverty and cannot do anything about these anthropologists. Suggests things they could do to change the poverty and use their power for good. An appeal for anthropologists to collaborate. Knowledge and power-anthropologists are in a key if not problematic position because they can use knowledge to produce power It’s not that you stop observing, but instead of observing people you observe conditions(social, economic, political, environmental) Observe through dialogue, collaboration, and questions. The argument about difference-is difference a cause or effect of inequality, (cultural difference) Indians are betw
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