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ANTH 1001
Danielle Di Novellie- Lang

Anthropology November 5, 2012 Fluid Signs pg. 105-162 Makes the familiar strange-houses are worthy of so much This chapter-Is the most representative of ethnography before 1980 By reading this you can’t tell when it happened 3 levels of extra information -stuff about India -more linguistic terms (familiar) -this question of why Performativity- Offers a wedding ceremony-ultimate performative utterance-the word becomes the action If it wasn’t a priest than it doesn’t happen-it’s not in the words but the mode of their delivery Rhetoric-was once a discipline in itself-educated people learn this to pull the wool over people’s eyes -now they need to speak in plain language -metaphor -metonym -Synecdoche -(irony) The suspect qualities of rhetoric-what you mean is not what you say Defines metaphor as an iconic third An icon signifies something by resemblance-likeness is purely conventional Metonym-when we call a business man a suit-associated with that Synecdoche-he is all heart-not really the organ but means kind-it is actually a part of the whole -loses its independence-the keel is no longer the keel but stands for the ship 50 keels plowed the deep Syedcoche-keels Metaphor-plowed Metonym-deep The part is standing as a whole The lord has to feed all the hungry mouths-synecdoche Metonym-When you connect seagulls to oceans you aren’t affecting them-must hold a sense of distinction between these differences Metaphors only work because they are different He claims t
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