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Lecture 8

ANTH 1001 Lecture 8: Week 8

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ANTH 1001
Donna Patrick

Chapter 10 Key Terms Key metaphors A symbolic representation that is widely understood wi a culture and central to that cultures world view Magic A set of beliefs and practices designed to control the visible or invisible world for specific purposes Metaphor A form of thought and language that asserts a meaningful link between two expressions from different semantic domains Metaphorical entailments All the attributes of a metaphorical predicate that relate it to the metaphorical subject Metaphorical predicate The second part of a metaphor, which suggests that familiar domain of experience that may clarify the metaphorical subject Metaphorical subject The first part of a metaphor, which indicates the domain of experience that needs to be clarified Metonymy The culturally defined relationship of the parts of a semantic domain to the domain as a whole Nativism An attempt to return to traditional customs Oracles Invisible forces to which people address questions and whose responses they believe to be truthful Organic metaphor A key metaphor whose predicate lies in the image of a living body Religion Ideas and practices that postulate reality beyond that which is immediately available to the senses Revitalization A conscious, deliberate, and organized attempt by some members of a society to create more satisfying culture in a time of crisis Secularism The separation of religion and state Societal metaphor A key metaphor whose predicate lies in the social order Syncretism The synthesis of old religious practices (or an old way of life) w new religious practices (or a new way of life) introduced from outside, often by force Technological metaphor A key metaphor whose predicate lies in objects made by human beings Transculturation Cultural change resulting from contact between different cultures Witchcraft The practice of magic, whether intentional or not World view An encompassing picture of reality created by members of a society
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