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Lecture 2

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ANTH 1001
Kristin Bright

ANTH 1001 A Sept 16 2011 Week 2Disorientation and OrientationMariam Makeba 19322008Mama Afrika Prospect Township JohannesburgGrammy winnercivil rights activist 19631990 forced into exilecitizen of the worldJohan Gottfried Herder 17441803German philosopher Enlightenment thinkerStudent of Immanuel Kant Human creativity unpredictable highly diverse as important as human rationalityPeoples essence is in their language Language is particular vs universalThere is only one class in the state the Volk not the rabble and the king belongs to this class as well as the peasantVolk idea of people unified by language not by a state or monarchyGermanness as something made not bornEg people started thinking of themselves as belonging to a nationFranz Boas 1858 1942German American anthropology Trained in physics and geography Took both observations and studies the objectives to gave birth to American anthropology and establish the first American department in north America at Columbia university Interested in museums he was able to contribute to a lot of fieldsBaffin Island 1883 1884Quote written by Boas he wrote about the Inuit as his teachersreversed scientist as activistScientist as Activist idea of where difference comes from and how a person deals with change he didnt see change as a difference between people as to their skin color He was one of the most important advocate about racism had a dean at Clark University telling him to quiet down because that wasnt scientific thinking and tried to get rid of him
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