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Lecture 4

Anth 1001 Week 4 - Time.docx

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Carleton University
ANTH 1001
Kristin Bright

All we Have is TimeSept 30 2011Week 4 Pink Floyd Time 1973English rock band philosophical lyrics and elaborate live showsSold over 200 million albulmsoDark side of the moon73oWish you were here 75oThe Wall 79SimonGarfunkel Hazy Shade of winter 1967According to the lyrics time its going fast and what is happening throughout the years and the seasons 1Why is time such an enduring theme in contemporary music lyricsBecause time affects us all it has a universal appeal to everybody and its different to every personSpiral JettyArtist Robert Smithson known as the most famous landscape his art represents cyclical aspect of land space and timeMovement known as land art or earthworks where landscape and work of art are inextricably linked 1970s in North America rejection of commercialization ofart in 1960 Todays classTime framesRepresentation and resistance in music artHere and now
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