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Lecture 3

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Carleton University
ANTH 1001
Kristin Bright

Anth 1001Sept 23 2011 Week 3Spatial LocationsWorld CultureActivity played two songs with video they are two songs that people can relate to oredemption song with bob Marley and Stand by me oThe songs were shown in many countries being sung by many different people of all cultures and religions oThe environment where the people were singing the song was out in the streets by the beach out in the public eye oThe universal language is musicDoes this suggest something new about world musicTodays ClassSpatial LocationsWorld cultureHere and nowCosmologiesMapsCities global capitalismSpace and socioculturalHereNowWhat can we tell about the culture of the university based on this roomThe rooms structure is that all seats are faced one way for direct view to the professor and the power point slides this affects our behaviours by being quite and actually paying attention to lecture like at a movie theatre
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