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ANTH 1001
Kristin Bright

Food for Thought November1111Advice on Assignment 2 and Final Exam Challenge transversal analysis Readingcomparing ideas across chapters Best model for this page 248 Assignment 2Prompt 2 if you are interested to compare ideas across chapters this prompt is for you Importantly if you do assignment 2 well you can guarantee you will be better prepared for the final exam Essay Prompts on Final similar to Assignments there will be questions on the final exactly from the midtermFOOD AS SURVIVAL FOOD AS AESTHETICRuth Reichel editor of Gourmet magazinewe are finally getting away from our Puritan roots and no longer are embarrassed about thinking about foodDelaney 248we are able to view food sensually and aesthetically rather thanmerely as a source of energy and survivalWHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR FOOT TO BE SENSUAL OR AESTHETICSENSUALrelating to the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetiteAnother older meaningdeficient in moral spiritual or intellectual interests or irreligiousAESTHETICpleasing in beauty art and tasteAnother meaningappreciative of responsive to or zealous about the beautifulBoth terms suggest moral economyExthe impact of religious and social views on our perceptions of food and how and why it is consumed How we came to have a certain idea of what is good and right these are ver specific to where we are Idea that a diet is very unique because it medical prescribed oGluten free diets oObese dietsOnes own personal space religious cultural values can be traced back to generations and its important to one owns personal lifeJULIA CHILD 19122004American chef author and television personality Introduced French cuisine to American public Debut cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking
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