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ANTH 1002

anthropology week 11 Art, Religion, and War how people get stuck in certain roles sensory perception religion organize perceptions into a coherent whole rituals, are technologies that change and maintain ur brain chemistry how do u react to something you dont know states as protection rackets commodities of war ethical rot- come to really enjoy the suffering of people this in some cases is ok as long as its controlled roles and stages have to set the stage for when to be a killer and when it isnt surgeon vs military slow process to reintegrate soldiers back into society renaissance 1500-1647 extreme conflict protestant sect calvinist vs catholic church rise of states catholic church loses monopoly of religious control And power heaven vs earth perfection in simplicity martin luther changed this definition limited conflict state vs state dominance and church has become subdivision of state perfection is now a complexity variable conflict open class warfare (merchants vs nobles, war b/w classes) french revolution is great example of class warfare unification of Italy and Germany colonialism Belgium, England, Italy, Spain, had to have colonies to have power heav
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