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ANTH 1002

Its JournalismFebruary 13 2014EthicsIt is important to have a personal code of journalistic ethicsNot just what is right or wrongIts wrong to deceive peoplealthough undercover journalism existsBut if weve got very good evidence that theres something horrible going on in this meatpacking plant were going to go in there to get that informationWe might do the wrong things for the right reasonsIs it that importantIs it legal or illegalTechnically you could be in spaces you shouldnt be in to obtain informationIts about distinguishing among these choices A lot of things can be morally justified but some more so than othersThe New Ethics of JournalismSeek truth and report it as fully as possibleoPursuit of accuracyoHonest and fairoGive voice hold power to accountBe transparentoShow how reporting was doneoCorrect mistakesEngage communityoCommunicateoMinimize harmThis idea of transparency is kind of new Knowledge is no longer disseminated by journalists from distant unquestionable pedestalsHow did you arrive at this conclusionIs there a way to do due justice to your story without harming the people youre coveringThe Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto you The prof says its biblical LOLNO its Confucius AwkwardImmanuel KantAn extension of The Bibles golden ruleHis dilemma Theres a man at your door with a gun looking for a man hiding in your closetDo you lie or do you tell the truth knowing that the man may be killedVisiting the city councillors office You walk into the city council office and find a massive file detailing that the councillor has been taking bribes What do you do with the informationAristotle The Golden Mean kind of a compromise approachJohn Stuart MillThe costbenefit analysis
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