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Lecture 3: Doing Fieldwork

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ANTH 1002
Eric Henry

Lecture 3 Fieldwork and EthnographyAn important part of anthropology is fieldwork an extended period of close involvement with the people whose lives we try to understand This is where anthropologists collect most of our dataFieldwork can be difficult especially when youre in a completely different country because you can experience culture shock Also the differences in little things like climate or ways of doing things can be different and you must adapt For example privacy is a very culturespecific idea In many places privacy isnt even a conceptWhen doing fieldwork you often begin to feel isolated Your friends and family arent there and there are many differences in everyday life such as television programs if there are any your favourite foods and so on To avoid feeling too homesick anthropologists will often schedule trips back home in the middle of their research periodAnthropologists work with informants members of a particular culture we study who provide us with insights about their way of lifeParticipantObservation is a method anthropolo
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