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Lecture 12

Lecture 12: Globalization: Eating McDonalds in China and Fo..
Lecture 12: Globalization: Eating McDonalds in China and Fortune Cookies in Canada

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Carleton University
ANTH 1002
Eric Henry

Lecture 12 Globalization Eating McDonalds in China and Fortune Cookies in CanadaEthnicity is a category of humans whose boundaries are alleged to correspond to distinct cultural features such as language religion or dressRather than a deterministic category historical processes that seek to define distinct social groups in the context of new political structures culturally construct ethnicityFor instance China recognizes 56 national ethnicities including the Han majorityEach minority was determined on the basis of having similar cultural attributes special clothing language and dancesEthnicity is not fixed but fluid It can be voluntarily embraced or ignored It can be used as a resource for political recognition economic cooperation or social mobility In China for instance ethnic minorities have special university admissions and can claim some political autonomyA nation is a group of people believed to share the same history culture language and even physical substanceNations are often identified with the territories they live in hence the term nation state where a political unit and national identity coincideNations usually try to emphasize shared notions of culture at the expense of ethnic differencefor instance think about the notions of Canadian valuesGlobalizationIs the world coming together or drifting apart Are we seeing the loss of cultural variety
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