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Lecture No 2 The Historical Development of the Anthropology of ReligionThursday thMay 8 2014Anthropology develops out of history travel literature the reports and journals of explorers and out of an intellectual milieu of philosophy and theology Religion was at the very heart of classical social theory Auguste Comte 17781857 coined the new term sociology in 1838 Max Muller 18231900 argued that the naturist theory showed the connection of religious belief and nature Spencer 18201903 said that the origin of religion was in the human experience of dreams Dreaming about our ancestors is constructing the notion of ghostearliest form of worship E B Tylor 18321917 observed behaviour of First Nations peopleHe argued that there are two identities that occupy our bodiesHe argues that animism is the origin of religion Robert R Marett 1909 thought early humans conceived the domain of the supernatural as a raw uncontrollable of powercalled animatism belief in the impersonal power mana Anthropology is the study of humanity Goal is to study various societies in dept It is to discover possible human universals and what it means to be human Holism is the study of human societies as systemic sums of their parts as integrated wholes All aspects of society are
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