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Lecture No. 5 Marx and Freud.docx

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Tom Sherwood

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Lecture No 5 Marx and Freud Tuesday thMay 20 2014Idealtype is a conceptualization composed of a collection of characteristic elements or attributes of a phenomenon Authority is a legitimate exercise of power Charismatic authority is based on the extraordinary quality ofRationallegallegitimated by the lawlegally qualified officeholder Traditional is legitimated by past practice Marxs thesis is based on the myth of Prometheus Criticism of religion is premise of all criticism TF Religion is the consciousness of the alienated person Religion is the selfconsciousness and selffeeling of man who has either not yet found himself or has already himself again TF Man makes religion religion does not make man TF This state this society produce religion reversed world consciousness because they are a reversed world TF Thesis XI The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways the point however is to change it TF Alienation according to Marx is the estrangement of individuals from each other andor a specific situation or process It is a consequence of social structures that oppress people denying them their humanity As a result religion develops as the quest for an alien being a being above man and nature a quest which is an avowal of unreality of man and nature EPMReligious alienation The more of himself man attributes to God the less he has left in himself TF Freud 18561939 developed the original microlevel theory individual life experience and infantile illusion
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