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ANTH 2550
Tom Sherwood

thLecture No 8 Religiosity Thursday May 29 2014Religiosity is the measure of the strength of beliefs and practices Socialization is the internalization of the values of a social groupCommunity includes clans tribes ethnic groups and nations exogamyendogamy Loflands stages consist of picking up hooking encapsulating loving and committing The prophet speaks the word and will of godMagic and Divination Magic is ways in which a person can compel the supernatural to behave in certain ways Sorcery is compelling the supernatural to behave in certain ways usually with evil intent Tylor argued that magic is logical thinking based on false premises magic is separate from religion Frazer argued that magic is a pseudoscience will be replaced by science Durkheim argued that magic is for the individual while religion is for the community Magic is used in times of danger and uncertainty The magician is usually a worker that is good and contributes in the public Frazer in the Golden Bough 1890 law of similarity is where things that are alike are the same Imitative magic is magic that is based on the law of simila
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