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ANTH 3027
Aliaa Dakroury

ANTH 3027 Lecture Notes Tuesday July 6th, 2010 - introduction to the class - get the required textbook: Red cover (look in Sociology) - no mark for attendance, just for participation - reading diary (1 page) presented in each class (8 classes) - opinion about articles - what is the author talking about? - is it interesting? do we understand it? - reading report - first due July 20, second due August 3 - 4 double-spaced pages max. (including bibliography etc?) - no style guide for this - can use “I” and other personal words - chose any 2 readings - what is the main idea? - key concepts? - refute or defend main thesis - analyze the positive/negative contributions - use other case studies to support - there will be an e-drop box, but have to submit hard-copy too - research project and oral presentation (group essay - 5 people) - essay is a report of the presentation (also done as a group) - select topic of choice - do research, and present it in class - outline of presentation must be given to professor at least one day prior (including powerpoint) - presentation: 15 minutes, discussion/answering questions: 5-10 - 1. hypothesis/question, 2. methodology and research, 3. main findings, 4. case studies proving their results - July 15th: meet in the library ANTH 3027 Lecture Notes Thursday July 8th, 2010 The Foundations of Human Rights Thinking about Human Rights - Related to all fields of social sciences and humanities: - History - transatlantic slave trade, Holocaust - Criminology - death penalty - Media - freedom of expression, censorship - Psychology - the making of a torturer - Anthropology - FGM - Philosophy - ethics and moral behaviour - Law - international relations, politics, legislations Defining Human Rights - Human rights are claims or entitlements; - Human rights require that a “state” or other entity take action to ensure rights; - Human rights are rights that are held by all human beings because of being just human being; - Human rights are universal, held equally by all people; - Human rights are “inalienable”; - Human rights are the basis of human dignity and individual and collective self- determination; - All human rights were moral human rights before they were formalized in law (legalized); - Human rights violation should be studied in their social context Ethics: something personal, from a personal stance (cheating in exams) Morality: cultural values on which a whole community agrees (lying) Generations of Human Rights 1. The first generation of human rights is marked by the French Revolution that proclaimed the three ideals (liberty, equality, and fraternity). Such ideals correspond with the focus on the civil and political rights focusing on the ideal of liberty ... ... ... Communication as a Human Right - Communication is a basic human right that defines peopleʼs common humanity - It strengthens cultures; - Enables participation; - Creates community; and - Aims to challenge oppression Positive vs. Negative Rights - Positive rights are the rights that require an action on the part of another (typically the state, to ensure the provision of the rights) ... example: the right to healthcare; article 12 (privacy right). - Negative rights are those rights that merely require that others refrain from interfering in an individual exercise of this right ... example: religious right ANTH 3027 Lecture Notes The Philosophy of Human Rights - Where do human rights come from? - On what basis can we claim that we have human rights? - Justifications for Human Rights: De-Ontological vs. The Consequentialist - The de-ontological - Rights can be justified based on duty-based understanding, where they are seen as fundamental and absol
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