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ANTH 4900

Second Dose of Sociology? • Introductions • Breaking the ice • The compass, the lenses and the snowflake • What is sociology • Winter focus • Course description • Evaluation structure • next class Introduction • more sociology? • SOCI 1002A– Introduction to Sociology, Part 2 Introduction to Sociology What is Sociology? Given that, regardless of what we do, we are dependent upon others, the central questions of sociology, we could say, are: how do the types of social relations and societies that we inhabit relate to how we see each other, ourselves and our knowledge, actions and their consequences? Sociological Perspective Stresses the social contexts in which people lives Social Imagination Is a sociological vision- a way of looking at the world that allows links between the apparently private problems of the individuals and important social issues. The Social (Culture, race, class, gender, etc) Those elements that constitute the social affect not only our opinions our values, our beliefs and our knowledge, but also our habits, our tastes, our desires, our ideas Sociological and Common Sense So
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