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Carleton University
Art History
ARTH 1200
Peter Coffman

Oct. 7 2013 Mid-term: 90 minutes  5 slide IDs  5 unknown slides  3 short answers  1 Essay question -> Posting question on CU learn this weekend. **I was going to insert pictures from the power point like I always do but the Prof. didn’t post it on CU learn. I apologize. Colloseum  Organized orders:  Doric order (always on the bottom: man)  Ionic order (always in the middle: woman)  Corinthian order (always on the top: child)  Fourth order of the colloseum:  Flat engaged columns - pilasters  Capital similar to Corinthian and ionic  Closest to composite  Composite: combination of Corinthian and ionic (only speculated).  Total of 5 orders:  Doric*  Tuscan  Ionic*  Corinthian*  Composite *Most important The Basilica Use:  Law enforcement  Public functions  Gatherings Description:  Aisle: Rows of columns on each side of rectangle  Nave: Middle - rectangular  Apse: Semi-circle at either end of nave  Collonade: Row of columns  Gallery: Gallery is above the aisle. Parallel.  Clerestory: Above the gallery and aisle with windows.  Coffered ceiling: Flat ceiling with coffers  Made of wood  Wood is lighter Example:  Basilica Ulpia, Rome, 98-117 CE  Basilica, Trier, Germany, early 4 century Public Baths Use:  Social ritual  Cold waters, hot waters, saunas  Business meetings  “spas” of today Description:
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