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Elizabeth Nisbet

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Histology of the Testis  Testes in the scrotal sac (→extension of abdominal cavity) o Produce sperm and male sex hormones o Have a constant temp "body temp - 5°C" maintained by)  Heat exchange system in arteries and veins  Semi-external position  Muscles in scrotal sac → move testes up/down against warmer abdomen o Sterility if testes do not descend during development  Spermatogenesis occurs in walls of seminiferous tubules (→compartment of testes)  Sperm are passively carried to the epididymis o Network of seminiferous tubules → leads into vas deferens o Sperm acquire ability to swim and are stored  Urethra (joining of vas deferens) carries fluids from the urinary and reproductive system  During interaction / pressure in erectile tissue rises / arteries supplying it dilate and veins draining it constrict  Not discharged sperm are degenerated, absorbed, lost via urine Histology of the Ovary  Ovaries in the abdominal cavity produce gametes + sex hormones  Stroma within the ovary contains blood vessels o Supply of oxygen and nutrients o Removal of waste products → CO2 o Transports hormones which control process of reproduction  Follicle development occurs within the ovary o Each follicle consists of follicle cells surrounding an oocyte (→developing egg) o At birth ≈1 million primary follicles in each ovary  Remain in suspension until puberty → at puberty, only ≈400k are present  ≈400 will be released into the oviduct during reproductive life of a female  At month intervals ≈20-25 follicles begin to
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