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BIOL 1003
Elizabeth Nisbet

Nutrient Cycles  Elements are taken up by producers (plants) / stored as organic matter  Passed on across trophic level / consumer digest and absorb food / stored as organic matter  Decomposers decay detritus and excretory products / return inorganic ions to environment / taken up by producers  Warm temp / higher enzyme activity / faster decomposition Table 9-14-1: Use of nutrients in plants and animals ANIMALS PLANTS Organic substances / lipids / Organic substances / lipids / CARBON proteins / ATP / chlorophyll proteins / ATP / chlorophyll - Amino acid / nucleotide NITROGEN - Amino acid / nucleotide synthesise synthesise - In RNA, DNA, proteins, ATP - In RNA, DNA, proteins, ATP - In cytochromes / ETC - In cytochromes / ETC IRON - Needed for enzymes such as - Needed for enzymes such as catalase to work catalase to work - Synthesis of chlorophyll - Part of Hb Contained in thyroxine IODINE (hormone) Nitrate reductase / reduces nitrates during MOLYBDENUM synthesis of amino acids Carbon Cycle  Producers, consumers, decomposers o Add CO2 to the air by respiration o Carbon is stored in tissues as organic matter (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins) o Carbon is passed along food web by feeding  Plants remove CO2 from air by photosynthesis  Animals excrete carbon as waste products  Decomposers decay detritus and excretory products / add carbon to soil o Detrivores digest detritus to small pieces / large surface area o Saprophytes digest smaller detritus by  Extracellular digestion by secreting enzymes  Absorb resulting nutrients across plasma membrane  Releases inorganic matter (CO2, H2O, mineral ions) into soil  Fossil fuels o Combustion releases CO2 into air o Fossilisation of carbon atoms in organic compounds in dead remains (plants, animals) and excretory products (animal
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