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Peripheral Nervous System I

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BIOL 1004
Tamy Superle

Outline of Lecture 02 and 03 Peripheral Nervous System I and II 0. Definitions Nerve: bundle of nerve fibers surrounded by epineurium Ganglia: thickening of nerve (e.g. synapses or sensory cell bodies) Plexus: network of nerves CNS: brain and spinal cord PNS: cranial nerves (12 pairs) and spinal nerves (31 pairs) I. Basic divisions (note sometimes these dichotomies are not so clear cut) Efferent (motor) Afferent (sensory) Location of cell Gray matter of spinal Dorsal root ganglion bodies cord Roots Ventral root Dorsal root Rami Dorsal and ventral Dorsal and ventral rami rami - Know topology of spinal cord, roots, rami Somatic Efferent Autonomic Efferent Functions Voluntary, external Involuntary, visceral stimuli response stimuli response Innervation of… Skeletal muscle, Smooth and cardiac tendons, joints, surface muscle, glands, mucous of skin membranes Sheathing More myelin, thicker, Less myelin, smaller, faster slower Pathways Single neuron: Two neurons: CNS  target CNS  preganglionic  postganglionic  target - Somatic afferent and autonomic afferent (i.e. the sensory nerves) are similar, and are not interrupted for peripheral synapses (go directly to and synapse within CNS). II. Autonomic Nervous System Sympathetic Efferent Parasympathetic Efferent 1 Functions (see p. Fight or flight Rest and digest 4) Neurotransmitter Norepinephrine Acetylcholine (mn: PANES) Preganglionic cell Thoracolumbar Craniosacral body location Structure Short preganglionic, Long preganglionic, long postganglionic short postganglionic Synapse location Sympathetic trunk, Ganglia in head (4 such), prevertebral, or close to visceral suprarenal (adrenal) organs medulla 2 1 Symp and parasymp afferents have cell bodies at
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