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Transplantation immunology

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Carleton University
BIOL 1103
Tamy Superle

ALLORESPONSES TRANSPLANTATION IMMUNOLOGYTransplant rejection is an immune response transplants WITHIN inbred strains succeed transplants BETWEEN inbred strains failsecond set rejection is faster more intense due to immunologic memorysecond set from an unrelated part is akin to a first set specificitymemory resides in lymphocytes and can thus be transferredTerminologyautologoussame personsyngeneicbetween genetically identical individuals inbred strainsallogeneicgenetically different but same speciesxenogeneicdifferent speciesGenes responsible for transplant rejection are at HLA and encode MHC I and IILaws of transplant rejection1 transplants within inbred strains succeed2 transplants between inbred strains fail3 from inbred parental aa to F1 ab will succeed reverse wont4 from F2 and all subsequent generations to F1 will succeed5 parental to F2 GENERALLY fail but not alwaysn graft survival34 where nnumber of histocompatability genesapprox 3050ONEWAY MLRmixed lymphocyte reaction in vitro correlate to tissue rejectionmix blood samples from patient A and B irradiate Bno mitosismonitor T cell proliferation of patient A in response to B antigensprimary response to ALLOANTIGENS is much more vigorous than primary responses to generic antigens ie ovalbumin
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