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Effector Functions of Antibody

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BIOL 1103
Tamy Superle

Outline of Lecture 05 Effector Functions of Antibody Remember: Ab effector functions are mediated by the heavy chain constant region (Fc)!!! I. Transport across mucous membranes A. Mucosal surfaces (e.g. GI and respiratory tract) present special immunologic challenges B. The mucosal immune system is essentially independent from systemic immune system C. IgA is used: 1) Prevents attachment of pathogens to mucosa 2) Is a barrier to environmental antigens (hence prevents allergies) 3) Most abundantly secreted Ig (3g/day into intestines!) 4) Is a dimer held together by J chain D. Secretory component Produced by epithelia, acts as IgA receptor, transcytoses it SC1 domain non-covalently interacts with IgA/J, SC5 covalently links to C α Prevents proteolysis of IgA by self and pathogens E. Across placenta: IgG is actively transported across placenta to fetus via Fc receptors II. Non-Inflammatory Activities A. Review of influenza virus HA and NA coat glycoproteins are responsible for attachment and infection
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