BIOL 1104 Lecture Notes - Greater Tubercle, Serratus Anterior Muscle, Infraspinatus Muscle

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30 Jan 2013

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0. Terms
Protonation: rotating forearm so palm is down/backwards
Supination: rotating forearm so palm is upward/forward
Protraction: pulling forward
Retraction: pulling backwards
I. Upper Vs. Lower Limbs
a. Similarities
i. General arrangement of bones from Proximal to distal is similar
ii. Same joint types (shoulder/hip=ball & socket; elbow/knee=hinge;
wrist/ankle=plane, phalanges=hinge)
iii. Compartmentalization of muscles with single nerve per compartment & 1-
2 major fxns of compartment
iv. Nerves originate off plexuses (brachial/lumbosacral); w/ largest nerve
posterior (sciatic/radial)
b. Differences
i. Rotation during development: Upper→External 45º
Lower→Internal 90º
ii. Elbow & knee flex in opposite directions
iii. Palm=anterior; sole=posterior
c. Function Differences
Upper Limb Lower Limb
Build for manipulation Built for stability
Shoulder girdle=highly mobile Hip=more stable
Protonation/Supination of forearm Reduced mobility
Hand=generalized for diff. movements Foot=specialized for wt. support
II. General Anatomy
a. Shoulder Girdle (=clavicle & scapula)
i. Holds shoulder joint away from trunk
ii. Only bone-to-bone contact is sternoclavicular joint
iii. 16 muscles originate/insert on scapula
iv. Sternoclavicular joint
1. very strong synovial joint
2. gliding & rotating motion
3. Liagments:
a. anterior/posterior sternoclavicular—between sternum
and clavicle on A/P aspects of joint
b. Interclavicular—between R/L clavicles
c. Costoclavicular—between clavicle and 1st rib
v. Acromioclavicular Joint
1. fairly strong
2. Liagments
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