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CD8 cytoclytic T lymphocytes

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BIOL 1104
Tamy Superle

CD8 CYTOLYTIC T LYMPHOCYTES (CTL) functions: virally infected cells (MAJOR) bacterial infected cells tumor cells graft rejection important that their activity is confined only to target cells some CD4 and some NK cells also have cytolytic activity PROTECTION AGAINST VIRAL INFECTION antigenic viral proteins can be cytosolic or nuclear-localized viral escape mechanisms – latent infection privileged site replication (cells lacking MHC I) inhibit class I MHC expression inhibit TAP1/2 activity (peptides cannot enter ER) mutation in antigenic peptide sequence PROTECTION AGAINST BACTERIAL INFECTION several types of bacteria can reside and replicate WITHIN host cells Salmonella, Listeria, Myobacteria while this might elicit MHCII/CD4 response in some cells, certain cell types LACK these proteins and the MHCI/CD8 route is the only alternative ACTIVATION OF CTL – after activation, clonal expansion and expression of cytokines also expression of cytolytic proteins (perforin, granzymes) initial stages are CD4 independent, but CD4 is required eventually mechanism is unclear but maybe… CD40/CD40L binding CD4 effect on APC’s “Cross Priming” – if APC’s are not directly infected
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