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Physiology of Body Fluids

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BIOL 1104
Tamy Superle

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Physiology of Body Fluids—Summary I. Physiochemical Properties of Electrolyte Solutions a. Molarity—amount of substance relative to its molecular weight (mol/L) i. (X gr)*(Y L) / ( Z gr/mol) = A mol/L b. Equivalence—refers to stoichiometry of interaction between cation & anion; determined by the valance of these ions i. (X mol/L) * (Y Eq/mol) = Z Eq/L ii. number of Eq/mol determined by the charge (Ca=2, Na=1, etc) c. Osmosis—movement of water across a membrane due to osmotic pressure diff. i. Osmotic pressure (Π)—colligative property of solution determined by the number of solute particles in solution: Π=nCRT (atm) (1atm=760 mmHg) ii. Osmolarity—number of solute particles per L of H2O 1. Osmolarity = [concentration]*(number of dissociated particles) = [X]*n where 0<= n =<1 2. temperature dependent iii. Osmolality—number of solute particles per 1 kg H2O (Osm/kg H2O) 1. not dependent on T => used more frequently for physiology d. Tonicity—effect
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