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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

Lecture 1 Nature is biology and biology is nature. What is an animal? Anything that is not a plant or fungus and they can be differentiated through many different categories. Natural history The employment of nature – living breathing dynamic plants and animals It is real life – it is the world’s longest running reality show It is the enjoyment or observations of living plants and animals – flora and fauna and their interactions. It is an observational science. Someone who enjoys nature and natural history is called a naturalist. Natural History Dealing with the properties of natural objects, plants or animals; a scientific account of any subject on similar lines. Adaptation They are features or traits that offer plants and animals an advantage in solving problems. For every living thing, the ultimate goal is to reproduce and have offspring that can pass on the genes in order to never go extinct. They can be physiological or chemical or biochemical features. As well as behavioral features. They are not acts of intelligence or planned solutions. They are features that have taken
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