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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

Natural History Biology – BIOL 1902 A Monday, September 12 2011 Course Objectives To develop a better understanding of what Nature is all about. To gain insights into the challenges all living things face and the remarkable diversity of solutions used to solve them. To develop an appreciation and respect forALL LIVING THINGS To learn how to see more of Nature and thereby have Nature reveal itself to you. Where and How to Find Me My office: 4620 CTTC (same building as Treats, Medical Services) ext. 3857 TAs: Ola White,Andrea Hill, Vivien Nguyen See WebCT for all course information (i.e. Office hours), exam dates, course notes, useful links, announcements, sample questions for exams, etc. st MIDTERM: Friday October 21 7-8:30pm CourseAdvice Keep up! D299 Loeb – Watch lectures for free Keep up! Cellphones & texting Keep up! Textbook. What is an animal? Natural History Natural History is the enjoyment of Nature. -Living, breathing, dynamic plants and animals Natural History is REAL LIFE – it is the world's longest running reality show. Natural History is the enjoyment or OBSERVATION of living plants and animals – FLORAAND FAUNAand their interactions. It is Observational Science Naturalst - Charles Macnamare − Linnaeus − Charles Darwin − John James Audubon − Ernest Thompson Seton − Roger Tory Peterson Precise Ter
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