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Lecture 8

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BIOL 1902
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Lecture 8bParasites eat without killing their hosts leeches Black flies are notectoparasitesConsume blood only for eggsMosquitos are not ectoparasitesTicks are ectoparasitesThey feed in all stages their sole food is blood Moose ticksOvertime the ticks start to irritate the moose and cause distressWhen the moose tries to bite them off the hair comes offThey can get hyperthermia Fall off the moose in the summer build eggs in the ground and get back on in the fall to feed during the winterFleas are ectoparasites Mites are ectoparasitesMany migratory birds harbour ectoprasitic fliesFlat flies are one group Adult clams are not ectoparasites but the babies are on fishOnly the larval form known as glochidium baby clam are ectoparasitesGlochidia are ectoparasites on fish gills and finsClams have a fleshy thing called a mantil oThey have their maneils modified for attracting fish oWhen the fish is near the clam squirts out chlamydia inside the fishes face Ectoparasites have adaptationsTick mouthparts for penetrating and holdingEctoparasites have problesm tooHosts die and if they die you die
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