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Lecture 5

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BIOL 1902
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Lecture 5How do Black Bears spend the winter Low heart rate 8 bpm high temperature 30 deg C easily aroused awoken in a den just a fallen tree nothing special Not true hibernation in subzero temperatures black bears go dormant Bear nestrefers to evidence of a bear feeding in a tree prior to dormancy They need to fatten up before the winteroBeechnutsvery full of fats important for insulation oThey visit trees with a lot of fruits but the breech trees are their favourite When they wake up in the early spring they graze because there is no food supplyBears do not urinate or defecate during winter dormancyunusual but they are able to recycle it without any problem During the fall when they go into their dormant stage they form a plug naturally in their rectum and that means in spring that they havent gone in a number of months This plug is called a tappenit keeps them from fouling the winter den True Hibernators 1Groundhogs they have boroughs in the groundit is still above zero where they are They curl into balls They are the worlds largest mammals that hibernate true or deep hibernators 2Jumping Mice There are two types one lives in meadows and the other lives in woodlands Their heart rates go to near 0 low bo
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