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Lecture 3

Week 3- 4 - Fighting Back (Chapter Six).docx

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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

Week 3 4Fighting Back Chapter Six1Defencest1 Line of DefenceFor many plantsoLignified barkon bark on trees shrubs and woody plantsoSpines on thistle cactus roseoPrickles on northern pricklyashoThorns on HawthornPrickles thorns and spines are often different colourshighly visible and aposematicoTrichomes plants that have clubbed hairs on their stems and leaves Smaller and softer prickles can be dense to impede movement of small animals as mites and AphidsoGlandular trichomes often contain separate stores of phenols and enzymes that mix like an epoxy create gluelike substance that hardens and halts the movement of animalsStructural DefenceDefence hairsoMulticellular trichomes Nettles stinging hairs works like a hypodermic needle Head breaks off when brushed by an animal Needlelike hairs stick to animal From base a mixture of chemicals shot up through hairs canal into
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