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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

 Expandable crop  Chickadee hippocampus grows larger for winter  Northern Shrikes also store extra food when available  Shrikes IMPALE their prey  Larder o Shrikes kill with their bill  Some Owls cache extra food  Other animals store food on a regular basis  Beavers create a CENTRAL CACHE called a FOOD PILE  Alder  Gray squirrels create hundreds of solitary caches (acorns) o Fat and protein o SCATTER HOARD  Gray Jays do not migrate o Scatter hoard thousands of items o They store food in summer and all fall  Adaptations for storing food: o Enlarged salivary glands (a lot of spit) o Sticky saliva o Amazing memory  Hippocampus deals with SPATIAL MEMORY o Nesting early  Red Squirrels create larger stashes called MIDDENS  Recall Chipmunks enter dormancy o Employ a mixed strategy o Store caches of food underground  Expandable cheeks allow chipmunks to load up  Are plants any different than animals? o No – they also have nutritional demands o Yes – most make their own food  Photosynthesis – “animal is … “ AUTOTROPHIC o For photosynthesis, plants need basic ingredients:
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