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Lecture 4

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BIOL 2002
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Lecture #4 Tuesday, September 17, 2013 8:39 AM Parasitic plants - roots (haustoria) No photosynthesis in stems, roots growing along stems, will latch onto host plant, they still have flowers/fruits Tree ferns - small stem with roots covering, stem may even die inside, roots grow down from top of stem The adventitious roots (roots from an above ground stem) of Cyathea are functionally similar to the prop roots of Panadanus because….they support weak stems Roots are like stems and probably evolved from them. Roots differ from stems in possessing: root hairs (epidermal cells) and sometimes slightly simpler architecture. Endodermis - like an epidermis but inside plant, puts down thick waterproof layer inside root (before xylem and phloem) to keep water from getting in and out. Made from suberin which is waterproofing material. Sometimes between cells sometimes inside Stems are for holding up leaves and reproductive parts, transporting between leaves and roots, storage, and photosynthesis Growth occurs at meristems - apical meristem (hemispherical, main stem, true growing point at top of any stem), subapical meristems (branches, mini
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