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Syllabus - BIOL 2002 - Plant Form Function (Fall 2013).pdf

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Carleton University
BIOL 2002

e BIOL 2002 – PlantvForm & Function – Fall 2013 CoPhone – 613-520-26t0 ext 1586Hours Office – 4625 CTTC (just south of the gym and child care)(or by appo intment)s) PrBIOL 1003 and 1004 or BIOL 1103 and BIOL 1104 are prerequisites. R2. R. Larry Peterson, Carol A. Peterson, and Lewis H. Melville. (2008) Te aching plant 3. ClaudianButtera (2011) Plants: form and function lab manual. study of vegetatlve parts of plants, while the second half will be large ly (but not exclusively)o studying them. These range from foods (is a tomato or potato a fruit or vegetable?) to wood (fortives Canada, and ys a fuel source for many humans. You will learn the many wa ys that these seldom for diverse than you probably ever this course. Plants are much more interesting and C2. UndSrstanding how engineering, ecology, and evolution affect plants.s. 4become more anti-essentialist.ural world and its variation (exceptions of ten prove the rule); 5. Critical thinking and coherent writing. Page 1 e N1Claudia Buttera will provide details regarding the lab.course. Your superb lab coordinator, 2lecture, especiallytto draw pictures using chalk. Third, study and ask a bout the pictures ine ReYou will receive one grade for the course, combining both the lab and le cture. Please see the with great depth. In lecture you learn about plant architecture in all m ulti-cellular land plants baseline before delvinb into all the oddities of other plant groups.t in lectur e. They provide a nice SLect15nd 1nTerm Exam (9 Oct 2013) 10 % Writtenlassignments (2.5 points each) throughout term20 MiThere will be two mid-term exams, on Wednesday 9 October and Monday 18 November circumstancey arise and you provide me with persuasive documentation in an extremely punctual. home or work for school early on those two excuse for missing an exam. Make sure you leave althoughSthe material being tested will be largely the same.i.e. not necessarily multiple choice), wiMid-term exams will be multiple choice with scantron forms, so bring a suitable pencil andorceable eraser. Page 2 e You must obtain a score of at least 40%, i.e. at least 8 of 20, on the f inal exam in order to pass the erThe final examinatton will be scheduled during the regular examination period, i.e. in midncil and scDeferred exams are generally only granted to students who cannot take th e regularlyionur winter working days of the date of the final exam. The deferred exam replaces o nly the final exam portion whether you are eligible for a deferred final exam will also be made by the registrar.ation ofilege. ClI strongln encourage you to speak up and participate both in lecture and out of lecture, albeit colleagues in cllss.Please don’t forget that you are co-equals with e ach of your hundred or morecate Academic Integrity Policy: examination,ytest, or take-home examination, or obtains or produces an a nswer or unfair advantage s•attempting to read any textbook, notebook, memorandum, other written mat erial oron are subject to the •confiSes of the examination room without permission to do so;n or materi als outside the •if the subject matter is irrelevant to the test).rs and/or speaking to another student (even Page 3 e Writing assignments will require critical thinking and coherent writing. Therefore we will try to develop these skills by will also be announced via CUL. During the first week, we will start wit h a sixth such assignments your lectures notes and, more importantly, your brain. I will provide al l necessary backgroundions soDetailed instructibns are available on CUL. Please review these instruct ions and pay closehese is a documnnted CUL outage.gned. There will be no make-up assignments or extensions unless therein subsequent assilnments, I will assign grades of zero to each of these pe ople. identical answers in academic integrity policy, which will be immediately referred to the dea n for adjudication. Copyingy’s conTtitute an essential part of this course. Have
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