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Pelvis and Perineum

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BIOL 2005
Elizabeth Nisbet

Outline of Lecture 11 Pelvis and Perineum I. Bones - Anteriorly tilted bowl shape, symmetrical - Three general pelvic shapes: gynaecoid (female), anthropoid (male), android (both) - Structures of the innominate - Ilium - Anterior/Posterior superior/inferior iliac spine (all 4 combos) - Iliac crest - Greater sciatic notch (inferior part of it is ischial) - Iliac tuberosity - Ala (wing) - Iliac fossa - Gluteal surface - Ischium - Ischial spine - Lesser sciatic notch - Ischial tuberosity - Body - Ramus - Pubis - Pubic tubercle (aligned vertically with ant. sup. iliac spine when standing) - Superior and inferior rami - Not easily classified (e.g. overlapping) - Oburator foramen (ischium + pubis) - Acetabulum (all 3) - Ischiopubic ramus - Sacrum (fusion of 5 sacral vertebrae) - Promontory ( L5) - Coccyx (fusion of 3-5 coccygeal vertebrae; fusion to sacrum after age 40) II. Joints (3) A. Sacroiliac joint: synovial joint between sacrum and ilium B. Pubic symphysis: fibrocartilaginous joint between two pubic bones C. Hip joint: acetabulum holds femur in place; locomotion, transfer of weight III. Ligaments (5, all paired) A. Inguinal: connects ant. sup. iliac spine to pubic tubercle, from external oblique muscle B. Sacroiliac: connects sacrum and ilium; stabilize sacroiliac joint C. Iliolumbar: connects ilium and L5 D. Sacrotuberous: connects sacrum to ischial tuberosity, X with sacrospinous E. Sacrospinous: connects sacrum to ischial spine, superficial to sacrotuberous - Sacrotuberous and sacrospinous define greater and lesser sciatic fo
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