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BIOL 2903
Connie Kristiansen

Lecture 3- a , Natural History 1 th January 25  2012  Hudson Bay Lowland   Is a vast expanse of flat land  The soulton hills/ridges/inlier - They offer the only real source of relief in the Hudson Bay land - Offer nesting sites for the golden eagle - See plants that are no found anywhere else: 1. Rock Polypody ( which are separated by great distances from the main populations = Disjunct pop. 2. Greenland Sandwort- are also a Disjunct Population • This plants is an excellent example of the importance of sire conditions  When we go south of HBL we have lots of relief and also have a continuous forest - That is the Boreal forest that occupies 25 % of Ontario Boreal Forest:   It lies entirely on the Canadian Shield a physiographic region  its southern limit is the Great Lakes- St Lawrence Forest region  Trees: - Trees that pretty much absent in the Boreal Forest :White Pines and Red Pines Lecture 3- a , Natural History 2 - But the Boreal Forest has : Conifers trees such : Black Spruce, white Spruce and Balsam Fir - In some regions in the BF – Jack Pine are common - We have other Trees are found in BF : such White Birch and Trembling Aspen - W HY DO WE HAVE MORE TREES IN THE B OREAL FOREST : 1. Well because its warmer ( + 1 to -3 degree C) 2. Also have a longer growing season 3. More rainfall 4. More relief , 5. Have lots of variation in site ( site includes Temperature, moisture) 6. Lots of glacial deposits he call its gifts  General Features of the Boreal Forest: 1. Conifers are dominant: Black Spruce ( spinning growth, can round them their needes ) • Found in the older part of the BF Balsam Fir needes ( are flat) – thus find Balsam fir – • they have lil bumps that have chemicals that animals eat and then do nit grow Have White Spruce • they have fuller figure Lecture 3- a , Natural History 3 2. Spruce cones houses seeds that are important food for: - Red Squirrels – they are dominant squirrels - Deer Mice - Marten - Fisher - Great Gray
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